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Louisa Currier at Lost & Found Gallery

Easy graphic design DIY for beginners and mature folks

How to create social media posts with text and pictures using Canva – for absolute beginners. Recently, I’ve been helping some older creative people with their social media. Some were really tech savvy, but others felt frustrated and like they didn’t know where to start. After they shared their concerns with me, I put together…

The 100 No-moji project – get involved with 100 ways to say no.

In the age of smart phones and social media, we often use giffs to add nuance to messages and comments. Giffs can act a as stand in for body language, replacing the eyeroll, shrug or enthusiastic grin you would share in person. With the 100 no-moji project I’m aiming to support women to say no,…

Louisa Currier at Lost & Found Art Gallery, Exeter

Did you know there’s a pop up gallery and artists studios in the heart of Exeter, Devon? Lost & Found Art events began as an East Devon art trail in 2019, created by a small but vibrant artists community looking for ways to make neglected spaces more appealing and at the same time celebrate the…

Hi, I’m Louisa

And I make artwork. I make work for different audiences in different mediums but common to all my work is the theme of expressive bodies human and animal. I’m fascinated by how we humans, use stories to describe our place in the world. I often combine contemporary scenes with archetypes from our shared mythology -…

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