Easy graphic design DIY for beginners and mature folks

How to create social media posts with text and pictures using Canva – for absolute beginners.

Recently, I’ve been helping some older creative people with their social media. Some were really tech savvy, but others felt frustrated and like they didn’t know where to start. After they shared their concerns with me, I put together a few worksheets to teach the basics. The worksheets below show how to make a post for Facebook or Instagram using Canva to pair images with text.

Steps one and two on the worksheets show how to add images and text, and change the font, size and colour of your text. Steps three and four explain how to add shapes behind your text and play with making them transparent. These skills are also useful for creating flyers, business cards, sales listings and other useful bits of graphic design.

The worksheets can be downloaded and printed out, so that learners can have them on their desk to look at whilst they use the tools on the computer screen. Download the free printable PDF by clicking link below, or read on for an online version of the worksheets, and some more information about the Canva design tool.

What is Canva?

Canva is a web-based design tool, that allows users to create simple designs using templates and stock design elements. You can access Canva on your computer at www.canva.com , and there is also a smart phone app which can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. My tutorial is for the desktop version.

To use Canva, you must first set up a profile. It’s quick and easy to do, you just need your email address and a few personal details. There is a free version and a paid version – you can use this tutorial with the free version, so there’s no need to set up a subscription.

I hope you find this tutorial useful, I always welcome feedback and enjoy being part of a mixed age and vibrant creative community!

Worksheets – how to create social media posts in Canva

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