Hi, I’m Louisa

And I make artwork.

I make work for different audiences in different mediums but common to all my work is the theme of expressive bodies human and animal.

I’m fascinated by how we humans, use stories to describe our place in the world. I often combine contemporary scenes with archetypes from our shared mythology – Venus on a smartphone using tinder, the Madonna and child in medical face masks – to explore the clash of reality and idealisation.

Sometimes I explore these ideas in a playful way, often incorporating pop culture themes, and these ideas end up as digital illustrations on products in my redbubble shop.

Other times, I explore them in inks, pencil and oils to create larger pieces. You can see some of these in my gallery here on the site, or in person at Lost & Found Exeter.

Published by Louisa Currier

Artist, gallery manager, content creator, dog lover, mum

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