The 100 No-moji project – get involved with 100 ways to say no.

Say no with giffs

In the age of smart phones and social media, we often use giffs to add nuance to messages and comments. Giffs can act a as stand in for body language, replacing the eyeroll, shrug or enthusiastic grin you would share in person.

With the 100 no-moji project I’m aiming to support women to say no, in multiple nuanced and direct ways.

Women often find themselves under cultural and social pressures to say yes, to be amenable and nurturing.

The #metoo movement revealed starkly the price women have paid for saying no, and how often that no is ignored. 

I want to create 100 beautiful animated giffs of many different types of woman saying no in different ways. I want each giff to have a beauty and poetry of it’s own, celebrating and normalising women saying no, showing no as a beautiful and empowering thing that women have access to. 

Women know that there are so many different flavours of no – The forceful and direct no, the soft and regretful no, angry nos, playful nos, nos that come immediately and nos that require a moments deliberation. I want to give women another tool for saying no in the nuanced way that suits each situation.

Currently, I have 3 no-mojis animated, just another 97 to go!

Get involved 

That’s why I’m issuing a call out to all woman and femme folk to send me a short piece of video of themselves saying no. I particularly want to hear from you if you don’t see people like you represented in giffs currently. I will choose some of the submissions to inspire animated versions of these no’s, which I’ll be uploading to giphy for everyone to use.

If you’re sending me a “no” video, consider perhaps the kinds of body language and tone you want to get across. You’re welcome to tell me a little about the context for your no if you’d like.

You can send me a 30 second video, or a link to your video, to – please use the subject heading “no” .

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Artist, gallery manager, content creator, dog lover, mum

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